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At CGC we are working closely with your employees to provide practical tools and steps that can help them identify and resolve problems as early as possible.

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Who we are?

At CGC our mantra is “People before paper and profit – that’s the real bottom line”. We have set out on a mission to equip busy people who are strategically placed within organisations and networks with tools for personal development.

We provide fun-filled and highly engaging seminars and workshops that avail employees with life transformational tools for personal and family life. CGC guarantees an optimal service with high value add on to our both personally-coached individuals, small and medium enterprises and even large corporate clients. 

Our Process


We Discover

We set out to discover what learning solution would be effective to work best for your needs.


We Define

We tailor our discoveries into well defined and easy to implement content.


We Deliver

We deliver learning solutions with high impact and fun filled systems for a memorable experience.

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Our Commitment...

No matter the position an employee holds in an organisation, there are common problems that we all have to face. Sometimes those problems are too difficult to handle on your own. For employees with growing families, problems relating to family life, parenting, child birth, family bereavement and personal life issues are constantly grappled with. We provide a plan that will enable one make necessary changes in their personal life and ultimately, help improve performance in the workplace. CGC has embraced the realities of our changing world and the challenges that we face as a result of technology innovation, corporate pressures and the need for diversity in the workplace. We are here to give your workforce the opportunity to succeed amidst all of life’s demands in a competitive business landscape

The Team

Experience at CGC

Capacity Growth Consult (CGC) has a growing network of professionals with specific trainings in family life skills enhancement. CGC professionals are driven, energetic individuals who bring passion, fun and critical thinking into the learning space. The diversity in our work experience, networks and exposure gives us an excellent perspective to the issues we address. Our reach is transgenerational and multifaceted

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The founding director of CGC is a trained professional with diverse work and life experience. Her versatile background brings a deep and profound impact on the services CGC provides to corporates, groups and individual working parents. She has over fifteen years’ experience in child development and education in the foundational and intermediary phases in two African countries.

Her community engagement with children and young people provides her with the necessary platform to assess the impact of the family on the society. She is an accredited parenting facilitator; a seasoned trainer; family life consultant with amazing skills in practical content development and counselling.

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Yes. Please contact us via any of the channels indicated above and we will arrange to conduct training onsite. We are also able to arrange for offsite training if you prefer.

Yes, we can provide training via video conferencing as agreed by your organisation. This would usually involve a meeting space within your organisation from which your department or group is able to join the workshop.

Our courses are aimed at helping you balance your work, life and career. Information and resources we provide shall give your the right tools, information and resources to improve your everyday work/life/family problems. Please see the list of courses in this brochure or contact bolanle.enang@capacitygrowthconsult.com for more information. work-life balance issues

We deliver engaging 60 – 90 minute webinar sessions for up to 95 attendees. Webinars can also be recorded and attendees are able to take part in interactive polls and Q&A. Computer based training courses can be provided where required.

CGC operate a transparent and competitive cost structure for each of our training courses, please contact us for pricing options



A team of driven professionals bringing passion, fun and critical thinking into the learning space while  providing practical tools to identify and resolve problems.